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Brown Poodles

Leinani came from From Simplyred Standard Poodles in Augsut 2010.  She's a big, beautiful girl.  We bred her to Teddy for a black, red, and apricot litter in 2013.  They bred again in 2014 and had 11 puppies on January 6, 2015.  Nani's color is gorgeous!




Simplyred's Leinani 

PennHip  L.38, R.58 laxities, 30the Percentile, DM Clear, CERF Clear, vWD-1 and NE clear

Nani with toy in mouth

Nani relaxing, September 2014

Nani with Stuartlea Ruby Tuesday

Nani has CERF Clear Eyes and a PennHip score of 30th percentile, with no evidence of Degenerative Hip Disease.  She has no hip problems, and the 14 puppies from her first litter, who are now two-years old, have not had any hip problems.